Naturopathy | flower Naturopathy acknowledges the inherent capacity of the body and mind to heal itself. The body is seen as an integrated system with each part being affected by other parts. Each imbalance resonates throughout the cells of the body. To treat only the area which is projecting pain can can only be partially successful. Naturopathy is comfortable with the concept of a healing and sustaining Life Force that exists in everyone. Drugs and devitalized processed foods are seen to weaken the body’s life force.

The methods used in Naturopathy seek to support the body’s healing process. Practitioners use a wide range of remedies and treatments. These can include extensive dietary changes, juicing, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplementation, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, intestinal cleansing, fasting, hydrotherapy, exercise, stress management and general preventive lifestyle changes.

Getting healthy is often a path of discovery and empowerment. Naturopathy can give a person the tools with which to explore and take responsibility for their better health.